Expanding a dairy facility requires an excellent planning strategy

expansionPlanning means to think outside the box. Especially large dairies have special demands on cow traffic, feed logistics, manure storage as well as labour management.
One of the first steps of planning to expand a dairy should be picking the right spot. Long-term viability and security of the location in accordance to required permissions and regulations by the respective state and province should be focused on.

Professional project management as well as coordination and supervision of the entire construction process can be provided by InnovationsTeam.


  • Cow comfort, design, construction supervision
  • Calf and heifer raising
  • Milking and milking parlour design
  • Manure and energy concepts
  • Labour management
  • Long term viability and security of location, operational concepts
  • Support with strategic investment decisions


  • Complete planning of dairy and heifer facilities
  • Implementation of the authorisation process
  • Remodelling of existing dairies or new building layouts
  • Manure and silage storage
  • Barns, sheds, social and administration buildings
  • Landscape design plan

Building/ Construction

  • Project management in accordance to HOAI
  • Application for construction permit
  • Statics
  • Authorization according to Federal Emmission Control Act and Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Initiating and conducting the tendering procedure
  • Contracting, construction site management, billing process
  • Safety and health protection in accordance to RAB 30
  • Supervision of the building process in all planned stages