kollerEnormous cost saving was possible by commissioning a consulting engineers office.

The money saved was six times higher than the fee for the planning office which means it worked very cost effectively for us. The tendering and the tight building supervision have convinced us that contracting the InnovationsTeam was a wise business decision. (Familie Koller und Wierl GbR, Berbling/Bavaria)

The basics for economical building are determined during the structural design and planning process (preliminary planning 1-3 HOAI Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers). Maximizing cow comfort and understanding of herd management concepts should be of utmost importance. At first sight InnovationsTeam barns appear to be alike but in detail they are planned and designed for individual need and purpose. The management philosophy is different on each dairy and this fact leads to the demand for specific design solutions. After planning the design and receiving the building permit the tendering process can then be prepared. Competition should be the rule (§ 2 HOAI). Every single work step of the respectrive subsections will be listed exactly on the bills of quantities. Additional drafts like ground plan, sectional view and plan view help the tenderer calculating. This procedure provides the general basis for the actual bidding for the various subsections of construction work. The tenderes’ efforts of providing and filling out the bills of quantities is worthwhile because after award of contract they become part of the building contract.
Based on the submitted bills of quantity all prices  are fixed. Later on it will help to avoid issues with additional charges. Prices and qualities are determined in contracts before commencement of construction. The InnovationsTeam uses the tool of tendering intensively. The time and effort spent of completing and submitting these bills seem to be a lot and sometimes inconvenient but it pays off most of the time. The bills of quantities are uniform, there is a fair competition, many companies are involved and the best ones receive the award of contract. It makes the planning office’s workflow transparent to the client and provides information about usual prices and conditions on the market. Contracts bind the works and qualities offered and help to avoid poor work as well as subsequent increasing costs during the construction process. It is highly recommendable to use this tool of cost and performance control.

New barn for 120 cows in South Germany


Barn in Hungary with fans and water spray cooling


Centred feed bank with a 4-row barn



A dairy facility for 600 cows in development



Barn with wooden roof structure